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rating title1 title2 media genre screen fmt speed sides total time stars IMDB_num
  abSolutEly faBUlous the last shout - parts 1 & 2 ld     clv 2 85 var  
  absent minded professor   ld     clv 2 96 mac murray, olson, wynn, kirk, ames, reid, andrews  
  abyss (spec edition), the   ld   wdscn clv 3 140 harris, mastrantonio,biehn, burmaster, graff, bedford-lloyd  
  addams family values   ld   wdscn clv 2 94 huston, julia, lloyd, cusack, ricci, kane  
  addams family   ld     clv 2 102 huston, julia, lloyd  
  airheads   ld   ltbx clv 2 92 fraser, buscemi, sandler, farley, mc kean, nelson  
  aliens   ld   wdscn cav 7 154 weaver, others  
  american greatest roller coaster thrills part 3 - in 3D ld game 3D clv cav 2 67 var  
  army of darkness   ld   ltbx clv 2 81 campbell, davidtz  
  at first sight   ld     clv 2 90 cortese, silverman, smith  
avengers   ld   wdscn clv 2 89 fiennes, thurman, connery  
  belly of an architect   ld     clv 2 119 dennehy, webb, wilson  
  billy joel greatest hits vol 3 the video   ld music   clv 2 80 billy joel, etal  
  billy madison   ld   ltbx clv 2 90 sandler, mcgavin, whitford  
bio dome   ld   ltbx clv 2 95 atherton, shore, dowse, bladwin, tomanovich, adams, west, hill, minogue, hearst  
  birdcage   ld   ltbx clv 2 119 williams, hackman, lane, wiest, futterman, flockhart, azaria, baranski  
  blade runner directors cut special edition ld   wdscn cav 4 117 hauer, young, olmos  
  bugs & elmer   ld cartoon   clv 2 120 bugs bunny, elmer fudd  
  bulletproof   ld   wdscn clv cav 2 85 sandler, wayons, farentino, caan  
caddyshack   ld     clv 2 90 chase, dangerfield, knight, o'keefe, murray  
  carlin at carnegie   ld     clv 2 60 george carlin  
  chase, the   ld   wdscn clv 2 88 sheen, swanson, rollins, mostel, wise  
chasing amy   ld   wdscn clv 3 113 affleck, adams, lee, ewell, mewes, smith  
  cher - extravaganza - live at the mirage   ld music   clv 1 60 cher, var  
  clear and present danger   ld   wdscn clv 3 141 ford, dafoe, archer, earl jones  
  clerks   ld   ltbx clv 2 92 o'halloran, anderson, ghigliotti, mewes, spoonauer  
  close encounters of the third kind special edition   ld     clv 3   dreyfuss, truffaut, garr  
clue, the movie   ld     vlc 2 96 brennan, curry, kahn, lloyd, mc kean, mull, warren IMDB
  coneheads   ld     clv 2 87 aykroyd, curtin  
  cousteau alaska: outrage at valdez   ld     clv 1 48 cousteau crew  
  daffy & porky   ld cartoon   clv 2 120 daffy duck porky pig  
  david bowie - black tie / whie noise   ld music   clv 2 63 david bowie, and band  
  dead men don't die   ld     clv 2 94 gould, anderson, burns, betts, king  
  deathtrap   ld   wdscn clv 2 116 caine, reeve, cannon  
  def leppard video archive   ld music   clv 2 108 def leppard band  
  die hard   ld   wdscn clv 3 132 willis, rickman, godunov, bedelia  
  doors,the-live at the hollywood bowl   ld music   clv cav 2 65 morrison, kreiger, densmore, manzarek  
  dragons lair II   ld game   cav 1   don bluth animation  
  dragons lair   ld game   cav 1   don bluth animation  
driving miss daisy   ld     clv 2 99 freeman, tandy, akroyd, lupone, rolle  
  eddie   ld   ltbx clv 2 100 whoopi, langella, farina, jenkins  
  eight heads in a duffle bag   ld   ltbx clv 2 95 pesce, comeau, spade, swanson, hamilton, cannon  
  encomium a tribute to Led Zeppelin   ld music   clv 2 50 var  
  eric clapton   ld     clv 2 70 eric clapton and band  
everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask stardust memories ld   std clv     allen, carradine, jacobi, lasser, quayle, randall, redgrave, reynolds, wilder, barry  
  favor the, watch the and very big fish the   ld   ltbx clv 2 89 goldblum, hoskins, richardson, blanc  
  fierce creatures   ld   wdscn clv 2 94 cleese, curtis, kline, palin  
  fifth element the   ld     clv cav 3 127 willis, oldman, holm, tucker, jovovich  
  first wives club   ld   ltbx clv 2 104 midler, hawn, keaton  
fish called wanda, a   ld     clv 2 108 cleese, lee curtis, kline, palin  
  flubber   ld   wdscn clv 2 94 williams, harden, mc donald, barry, brown  
  foul play   ld     clv 2 118 hawn, chase, meredith, moore  
  freshman, the   ld     clv 2 102 brando, broderick, kirby, miller, whaley  
fx2 the deadly art of illusion ld     clv 2 107 brown, dennedy  
game, the   ld     clv 3 128 douglas, penn  
  gate to the mind's eye computer animation odyssey ld graphics   cav 2 50 computer graphics  
  gods must be crazy II, the   ld     clv 2 98 n!xau, farugia, strydom  
gods must be crazy, the   ld     clv 2 109 weyers, prinsloo, xao, bushman  
  good man in africa   ld   ltbx clv 2 95 connery, gosset jr, lithgow, rigg, friels, whally-kilmer  
  grizzly mountain   ld     clv 2 96 haggerty, morgan-greene, lund, kove, haggerty, haggerty  
hamlet   ld   wdscn clv 3 135 gibson, close, bates, scofield, holm, bonham-carter IMDB
  heavy metal   ld cartoon ltbx clv 2 90 var animation  
  herbert von karajan his legacy for home video   ld music   clv 1 52 orch  
  high anxiety   ld   ltbx clv 2 94 brooks, kahn, leachman, korman,carey, morris, van patten  
  highlander   ld     clv 2 110 lambert, hart, brown, connery  
  house arrest   ld   wdscn clv 2 111 pollak, lee curtis, tilly, mc donald, shawn, walston  
  i love you to death   ld     clv 2 97 kline, ullman, phoenix, plowright, hurt, reeves  
in-laws, the   ld     clv 2 103 falk, arkin  
innerspace   ld   wdscn clv 3 120 quaid, short, ryan, mc carthy  
  itzhak perlman beethovan violin conc in D op 61   ld music   clv 1 45 itzhak perlman  
jackie chan first strike ld   wdscn clv 2 84 chan, wu, lou  
  jackie chan hard boiled - criterion collection ld   wdscn cav 5 126 yun-fat, leung, mo, chan, wong, hoi-shan, lam, woo  
  jerry maguire   ld   wdscn clv 3 139 cruise, gooding jr, zellweger, preston, o'connell, mohr, hunt  
  jungle 2 jungle   ld   wdscn clv 2 105 allen, short, davidovich, ogden steirs, williams  
  k d lang live in sidney   ld music   clv 2 83 k d lang and band  
  kiss of death   ld   wdscn clv 2 101 caruso, erbe, hunt, jackson, rapaport, rhames, tucci, cage  
  les paul, the living legend of the electric guitar   ld music   cav clv 2 68 les paul  
  lethal weapon   ld     clv 2 110 gibson, glover, busey  
lost in space (spec ed)   ld   wdscn clv 4 130 le blanc, rogers, graham, chabert, johnson, hurt  
  love valor compassion   ld   wdscn clv 2 114 alexander, glover, spinella, bogardus, hickey, kirk, becker IMDB
  mach 3   ld game   cav 1   video game backgrounds  
  madonna immaculate collection, the ld music   cav 2 60 madonna  
mallrats   ld   ltbx clv 2 96 smith, london, lee, doherty, mewes IMDB
  mask   ld     clv 3 120 cher, elliott, stoltz IMDB
mission: impossible   ld   wdscn clv cav 3 110 cruise, voight, beart, czerny, reno, rhames, scott thomas, redgrave IMDB
  mixed nuts   ld   wdscn clv 2 97 kahn, klein, la paglia, martin, lewis, reiner, sandler, wilson  
  monty python And the Holy Grail ld     clv 2 91 chapman, cleese, gilliam, idle, jones, palin  
moonstruck   ld     clv 2 103 cher, cage, gardenia, dukakis, aiello, bovasso, mahoney, guss, chaliapin, gillette, despotovich  
  multiplicity   ld   ltbx clv 2 117 keaton, mac dowell  
  murder by death   ld   ltbx clv 2 94 brennan, capote, coco, falk, guiness, lanchester, niven, sellers, smith, walker, winwood  
  naked gun 33 1/3 the final insult   ld   ltbx clv 2 83 nielsen, presley, kennedy, simpson, ward  
  noises off!   ld   ltbx clv 2 104 burnett, caine, hagerty, ritter, sheridan, reeve, henner, linn-baker, elliott  
  northern exposure big feast & northern lights - vol 5 ld     clv 2 94 var  
  northern exposure body in question & burning down the house - vol4 ld     clv 2 93 var  
  northern exposure cicely, northwest passages second episode ld     clv 2 93 var  
  northern exposure first episode, aurora borealis ld     clv 2 97 var  
  northern exposure thanksgiving, seoul mates ld     clv 2 93 var  
  nothing but trouble   ld     clv 2 93 chase, akroyd, candy, moore  
nude bomb maxwell smart ld   std clv 2 94 adams, hensley, howard, kristel  
one crazy summer   ld     clv 2 94 cusack, moore, glodthwait  
  opus 'n' bill a wish for wings that work   ld cartoon   cav 1 30 berkeley brethed characters  
  perlman itzhak virtuoso violinist   ld music   clv cav 2 79 perlman, ashkenazy, zukerman, canino, harrell, foster, perlman, liang lin, salerno-sonnenberg, orch  
  persistence of vision volume three - new narrative ld graphics   cav 2 58 graphics  
  pink panther return of the pink panther, the ld   wdscn clv 2 113 sellers, plummer, schell, lom, kwouk, arne  
  pink panther revenge of the pink panther ld   ltbx clv 2 99 sellers,lom, cannon, webber, kwouk, stewart, loggia, stark, maranne, lloyd  
  pink panther son of the pink panther ld   ltbx clv 2 115 begnini, lom, cardinale, azmi, farentino, edwards, davi, schneider, starr, spaulding  
  please don't eat the daiseies   ld   ltbx clv 2 101 day, niven, paige, byington, haydn  
  priscilla queen of the desert the adventures of   ld     clv 2 102 stamp, weaving, pearce, hunter  
  raiders of the lost ark   ld   wdscn clv 2 115 ford, allen, freeman, lacey, rhys-davies, elliot  
  real genius   ld   ltbx clv 2 106 kilmer, jarret, meyrink, atherton  
  rob roy   ld   ltbx clv 3 140 neeson, lang, hurt, roth, stolt, keir, cox, mc cardie, martin, masson  
  runaway   ld     clv 2 99 selleck, rhodes, simmons, alley, shaw  
second sight   ld     clv 2 85 larroquette, pinochot, armstrong, pankin  
  sgt bilko   ld   ltbx clv 2 95 martin, hartman, aykroyd, headly  
nr shakiest gun in the west   ld   ltbx clv 2 101 knotts, rhoades, yuro  
short circuit   ld   std clv 2 98 sheedy, guttenberg, stevens, pendelton, bailey  
silence of the lambs, the   ld     clv 2 118 foster, hopkins, glenn, levine  
  silent movie   ld     clv 2 87 brooks, feldman, de luise, caesar, gould, carey, peters  
  sister act 2 back in the habit   ld   ltbx clv 2 107 whoopi, najimy, coburn, smith  
sister act   ld   ltbx clv 2 100 goldberg, smith, keitel  
  sneakers   ld   p&s clv cav 3 125 redford, poitier, akroyd, strathairn, mc donnell  
  soap dish   ld     clv 2 97 field, kline, downey jr, whoopi, shue  
  space ace low quality ld game   cav 1   don bluth characters  
  space ace   ld game   cav 1   don bluth characters  
splitting heirs   ld   ltbx clv/cav 2 87 moranis, hershey, cleese, idle  
  star trek VI the undiscovered country ld   wdscn clv 2 113 shatner, nimoy, kelley, doohan, koenig, nichols, takei, cattrall, warner, plummer  
  star trek episode 2- Where no man has gone before & episode 7- The naked time ld     clv 2 102 shatner, nimoy, lockwood, kellerman, doohan, takei, moss, barrett, hyde, kelley, nichols  
  star trek first contact ld   wdscn clv 2 111 stewart, frakes, spiner, burton, dorn, mc fadden, sirtis, woodard, cromwell, krige  
  star wars the empire strikes back special edition ld   wdscn clv 3 124 hamill, ford, fisher, williams, daniels, prowse, baker, mayhew, oz  
  star wars   ld   wdscn clv 3 121 hamill, ford, fisher, cushing  
  star wars   ld     clv 2 119 hamill, ford, fisher, cushing, guiness  
  switching channels   ld     clv 2 108 turner, reynolds, reeve  
terminator thx - wdscn ld   wdscn clv 2 107 schwarzenegger, biehn, hamilton, winfoeld  
  theresa's tattoo   ld     clv 2 95 howell, mc keon, diamond phillips, silverman, siemaszko  
  to wong foo, thanks for everything! julie newmar   ld   ltbx clv 2 109 snipes, swayze, leguizamo  
  tony bennett unplugged the video   ld music   clv 2 72 tony bennett, band  
toy story   ld cartoon ltbx clv 2 81 var pixar animation  
  travis tritt ten feet tall and bulletproof   ld music   clv 2 40 travis tritt  
  travis tritt - ten feet tall and bulletproof   ld music   clv 1 40 travis tritt & var  
  vision quest   ld     clv 2 107 modine, fiorentino, schoeffling  
  von karajan tchaikovsky sym #5   ld music   clv 1 52 von karajan orch  
  wayne's world   ld   wdscn clv 2 95 myers, carvey, lowe  
we're back! A dinosaur's story   ld cartoon ltbx clv cav 2 71 var speilberg animation  
weekend at bernie's 2   ld   wdscn clv 2 89 mc carthy, silverman, kiser, bostwick  
weekend at bernie's   ld     clv 2 101 mc carthy, silverman, mary stewart, kiser  
who framed roger rabbit   ld     clv 2 104 hoskins, lloyd, fleischer, cassidy  
young frankenstein   ld     clv 2 106 wilder, boyle, feldman, kahn, leachman, garr, mars