Jeffrey S. Huyler
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OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging growth position in the field of Computer Information Systems, to combine my training in E.E. and my self taught programming expertise.
EDUCATION: New Jersey Institute Of Technology, Newark, NJ. B.S. Electrical Engineering, Graduated: May 23, 1997, 
GPA: Overall: 3.2 Major: 3.7
E.E. Senior Project: Infra Red (IR) Wireless Voting System, Computer Systems Specialization, Microprocessors, Digital Logic Design, Interactive Computer Graphics, Network Synthesis, Linear Algebra, Power Electronics.
Proficient in: PERL, ksh, UNIX, awk, HTML and WWW-page design, HP-UX lvm, Informix, SQL, sed, IP networking, Navis Voice Activation Manager-NVAM (formerly: CONNECTVU-ATP, CONNECTVU-APX), C, VBA-Excel, Excel, MS-Access, Paradox, Visual-Basic and MS-Publisher.
Familiar with: CONNECTVU-TRUNK, Frame-maker, PHP4, Apache, Oracle, DreamWeaver and MySQL.

Lucent Technology, Inc., Middletown, NJ.
Member of Technical Staff (MTS), CONNECTVU Organization.
  • Employment began: June 2, 1997
  • Software technical support engineer for CONNECTVU family of products.
  • Promotion:
    • 6/2000 - Received Promotion to full Member of Technical Staff (MTS).
  • Awards:
    • Received "4FQ2002 Quarterly Achievement Award" - October 2002 - as part of the NOS LED Migration Team, for the successful migration of the support web content, documents and deliverables onto the Lucent Elecronic Deliverables webservice (LED).
    • Received "PVA-Award" (People Value Added Award) - April 1999 - as part of a group of 4 people who, "... worked effortlessly to make my new PC work even better that I imagined.  They went out of their way to see that if they did not have a permanent fix, that I was atleast able to continue my work."
    • Received "Most Valuable Team Player Award" - August 1998 - For planning and support of Bell Atlantic move of CONNECTVU-TRUNK hardware - computers to Burlington, MA from Cambridge, MA. And Participation in and support of Bell Atlantic's Disaster Recovery test for the CONNECTVU-TRUNK product.
1995-1998 Jeff Huyler Computer Consulting, Ridgefield Park, NJ.
Freelance Computer Consultant, Founder and Present Owner.
  • Clients include: Pension Administrators, Writers, Accountants, Motel Operators, Telephone Technicians & Automotive Service Stations.
  • Software in the field: Pension Plan Management System written in VBA-Excel, 1099 Form Filler written in Visual-BASIC, General-Ledger Data Conversion and Import System written in C, Paradox & UniLink G/L Import System Specification Language, Motel Data Management system in File-Maker-Pro (Mac).
  • Creative Consultant / Layout of Bi-Monthly Travel-Journalist Newsletter using MS-Publisher.
  • WWW Page Design, Install and Upgrade PC-compatible.
1987-1996 Stanley Kalish, Accountants and Auditors, New York, NY.
Computer Department Manager.
  • Setup and maintain IBM-PC compatible for Book-keeping, Tax return preparation, and Accounting.
  • Have written specialized report and utility programs in C, Visual BASIC, dBase, BASIC, Excel & Paradox.
  • Design and specify layout of new downtown & midtown offices. Layout, install and maintain AT&T Merlin telephone system and cabling.
  • Light Book-keeping.
1983-1993 Manolyn Photo and Video Studio, Newark, NJ.
Senior Videographer.
  • Videotape weddings, bar-mitzvahs.
1987 PMH Associates, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
Freelance Programmer.
  • Programmed Stock Portfolio Tracking Program on IBM System/36 PC. Languages: RPG-II, BASIC, OCL.
Time Warner (Formerly Vision Cable Television / Security Systems)
Responsibilities included:
  • Testing of cable convertor boxes using Digital PDP-11 & IBM-PC Computers.
  • Ran cable for new head-end cable distribution facilities.
  • Customer service representative.
  • Installation, servicing, and central station monitoring of residential and commercial Burglar, Fire and Panic alarm systems.

HOBBIES / INTERESTS: Photography, Movies, Music, Baking. 
Computers: learning C++, Expanding my knowledge of Unix, PERL, Visual-BASIC and C;
ACTIVITIES: Motorcycling, Hiking, Learning to In-Line Skate.