Some of Jeff's favorite links

The Jewel of NJ, Long Beach Island A map locating Beach Haven, NJ

A crazy OS/2 kinda-guy Steve Ewing

Wallace & Gromit are a clay-mation man and dog by the award willing AARDMAN animators directed by Nick Park
Brit-Com Chef! about a Michelin 3-star chef and the goings-on in his kitchen

The band The NERDS
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
TV Food Network - Recipes
Anton Sop's Honda CX-Turbo page

Eastman KODAK
INTAC Access Corporation
Borland International
Compuserve Homepages
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sky & Telescope Weekly Sky News
MIT Center for space research
NASA homepage

Look up people & telephone numbers

WHDA-105.5 fm (NJ)
WNEW-102.7 fm (NY)

Public Broadcasting (

Jim Dineen Photography

Weather maps


Bass Ale on the Net Bass Ale on the net